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Questions This is a new section -- we'll see how well it goes over. Basically, I'll post a question (I'll try to be more thought-provoking than "Iz Backlash kewler then Ziggo??!!!1"), and then invite folks to e-mail their answers to me. Afterward, I'll display the most clever answers for all to read.

The question of the moment:

I'm sure you know the general definition of a thwackbot -- usually a two-wheeled bot with a pole with a weapon on the end. The bot scores its damage by spinning in place, rotating the weapon.

The lightweights have their fair share of thwackbots -- Carnage Raptor, Herr GepoŁnden, Whirligig. The middleweights have Blade Runner, Spaz, T-Wrex, and Why Not. There aren't as many in the heavyweights -- Golddigger and Y-Pout. (I'm just citing the ones I know in these weight classes -- there are likely others.) But why don't you ever see thwackbots in the super heavyweight category? I don't remember ever seeing one there. Even looking through's list of super heavyweights for this competition, I don't see one robot that looks like a thwackbot. Is there a flaw in the thwackbot design that makes it more useless against super heavyweights? Or is it just that no one wants to try it?

E-mail your answer, silly or serious, to me. If I like it, I'll display it for the world to see.

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