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The first question was somewhat ridiculous, but what the heck:

Interactive Toy Concepts is running a contest where the winner receives an all-expenses-paid trip for two to a Battlebots tournament. I'm gullible enough to try, but I don't think I'm of the age group the company is hoping will enter the contest. Mostly because they ask you to print your age and include a drawing of your favorite Battlebots Minibot. With my drawing skills, I would have to place several identification labels on my picture of Toro ("those are its horns"). Still, a chance to win a free trip is a chance to win a free trip, and there's no age restriction in the rules. So, should I enter, even though I'm probably too old for the contest and would be slightly lessening the chances of the children who participate? And if I enter, should I just pretend my favorite bot is Punjar?

XxNitrosOxidexX: Yeah, I think you should enter only pretend your favorite bot is shishkabot or trilobot. but that probably won't win you anything.

Cool Cat Missy: It says that the contest is only open to people eighteen and up anyways, so I don't think you have a problem there. But, I think you should draw Shish-Ka-Bot as your favorite one. That's even easier than Punjar!

When you think simple, I guess you think Shish-ka-bot. Hard to argue that point, and easy to figure out why they decided to turn it into a MiniBot.

The first time I loaded the page, the text didn't pop up, so I didn't see the age requirement when I wrote the question. I kind of wondered where that was. I still don't understand why they want adults hand-drawing pictures of BattleBots. Whatever floats their boat, I guess.

Fun fact: The site also says they'll draw a winner on June 3, 2002, but your entry has to arrive by September 30, 2002. Perhaps the contest coordinators need to give themselves a skill-testing mathematical question.

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