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...for Scott Kincaid

Tell us about the robot that you're bringing to the ComBots Cup.

SJ is my heavyweight bot that I've revised over several years. It has been rebuilt so many times I can't keep track. It is currently ranked 2nd by

Why did you build a robot with an activated arm as opposed to a different type of robot?

I wanted a robot with a multi purpose weapon. It can hammer, throw, flip, lift, and self right with it.

Which robot in the tournament would you most like to fight and which robot do you not want to have to fight?

I'd like to fight BioHazard just to do it. I don't want to fight Pump.

Why did you choose to compete in the ComBots Cup instead of the RFL Nationals?

I already have National Champion. I didn't want to add more fights that would risk winning in the Cup.

This $10,000 ComBots Cup was created to renew interest in robotic combat, both among some of the builders who have drifted away and among the potential audience. Do you think that a high-stakes tournament is a good way to do this and how do you feel about the fact that all of the emphasis is being placed on one weight class?

It seems to have gotten more HWs in the tournament than I've seen in a long while. I'm glad to see it. Fortunately I have a top HW bot already. I agree with Judge Dave the EO that HWs are the class to pick. People don't really come to see anything smaller. Supers are just going to get more dangerous than they already are to the arena.

Do you think robotic combat will ever return to national TV? If so, what will it take to get it there?

I sure hope so. Probably not on a main stream channel though. It will have to be a low budget deal. Battlebots was way too expensive to do.

Was it demoralizing to watch them replay that clip of Nightmare versus Slam Job so often during Comedy Central's "BattleBots"?

Yes a bit but it is still the fight I can recall in people's minds if they don't remember what Battlebot it was. I was always reminded about the crappy rookie driving I did to line that one up. If I had to fight Nightmare again I would have to redo the armor on my robot to deal with it.

Ignoring the restrictions of budget, time, and possibly even the laws of physics, what would your dream robot be?

Not to get too off the wall, I'd just want to be able to get under any wedge and or spinner and launch them into the lexan. Plus build the entire bot out of unobtanium.

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