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The ComBots Cup is almost here, currently scheduled to feature 21 heavyweight robots duking it out for a $10,000 prize. It's time to get ready for some high-profile, high-tech, high-stakes robot action.

Now, I could sit here and gush forth hundreds of rambling sentences conveying my excitement. But that's only interesting for a certain length of time (1.5 seconds). What would actually be interesting would be hearing some of the builders' perspectives on the upcoming event and on robotic combat in general.

And so it shall be! Some of the builders who will be participating in the upcoming tournament have agreed to answer questions about their fighting robots and the sport. For the first time on this site, insight and analysis of robotic combat from people who actually know what they're talking about!

A huge thank you goes out to the builders who agreed to participate in this interview. If a competing builder isn't listed here, it doesn't necessarily mean they didn't want to participate -- there were quite a few builders I couldn't find contact information for. The fault lies on me, not them.

Just click on one of the links below (presented in non-discriminating alphabetical order) to read that builder's responses to my handful of questions...

...for Carlo Bertocchini (BioHazard)

...for Scott Kincaid (SJ)

...for John Mladenik (Megabyte / Compressor)

...for Billy Moon (Eugene)

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