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Spin the Wheel

Oh, boy. I guess that this isn't so much bad as it is awkward to play. Well, most of the time. Here, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Here we are, lined up at the wheel in the order in which we came up on stage -- not by how much in prizes we "won."

Wait a minute... the numbers are in reverse order in this version! When you spin the wheel, it rotates in the correct downward direction, but since the numbers are on the wheel in reverse order, it's kind of disorienting. Also of note is that to make the power bar go down, you press the up arrow, and vice versa.

You got a dollar! But since we're not playing for real money or anything, we're not even going to give you a chance at a bonus spin! Too bad!

Scott's in the lead with 90 cents. In your first spin, you got 65. Do you want to stay or spin again?

Did I say cents? Apparently I meant "dollars." Since your total is 165 dollars, you've gone over.

Here's another fun fact about the Commodore 64 version: The power bar causes the wheel to rotate the same distance every single time. For example, if you leave it where it is for both of your spins, you'll get 75. And since the wheel resets to 100 before each player's turn, this is what happens if nobody adjusts the power bar.

Also, if you push the power bar all the way down to the bottom, the wheel won't even make one full revolution. But the spin still counts.


However, in the spin-off, you still have the option of taking two spins.

Here we are in the PC version (I think "Linda" is one of the default computer names). The numbers are on the wheel in the correct order now. And the power bar causes the wheel to go different distances different times.

But I still have this difficult choice to make.

In this go-round, the first two players have gone over. But the third gets a spin anyway.

And, for some reason, also gets the option of a second spin.

You're going to take it? But... you have 90...

Great, now everybody is over. What are we going to do for the Showcase?

What winners? We all went over!

In the Commodore 64 version, if that happens, the third player automatically wins without spinning once.

Here's a glitch in the PC version during a spin-off. The third player has gotten 100 in her first spin! Hooray!

But wait... the game didn't even offer the "do you want to spin again" screen! They're forcing her to spin again on 100!

In the PC version of the game, any time the third player (only the third player) gets 100 on their first spin, they're forced to spin again. And of course, go over. Dumb.

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