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Take Two

This wouldn't be bad except for one gigantic flaw: they only give you one chance to guess which two prizes make up the given total! And you know how rarely contestants do that on the first try.

My prizes...

My goal is $978. Well, the earrings are the only prize that are nearly that high, so we'll start with those.

All right, now I've got to find something worth $35. That radio-controlled car looks like it's $35 to me.

(Note that unlike the real show, the game immediately reveals the price of the first prize.)

I lose by one dollar?!? What in the...?!

Well, that was frustrating. Let's try again.

That was a little better, I guess. But the "one chance only" thing is ridiculous.

Then again...

My prizes are a calculator, A NEW TRUCK!...

...a bookcase, and a new computer!

I have one chance to get a total of $65. I think you can figure this one out.

So it's either impossibly hard, or ridiculously easy.

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