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Final Showcase Challenge

This computer game does have one thing going for it -- it doesn't call this round the "Showcase Showdown."

Each showcase contains three randomly-selected prizes (and the automobiles seem to pop up here with more frequency than in the other games). However, the winner of the first Showcase Showdown always has to bid on the first showcase -- there's no pass option. Also, there's no Double Showcase rule, so no matter how close you are, you only win your own showcase. And... well, you'll see.

I won both Showcase Showdowns, so I'm playing against my clone in the Showcase. Scott on the viewers' left, since you won the first Showcase Showdown, you'll be bidding on this showcase!

Your showcase begins with A NEW TRUCK!

Wow! If that's the first prize, this must be one great showcase!

And here's something you'll enjoy even more than that truck... this riding mower from KuMart!

And while you're on that mower, be sure to show off your beautiful new diamond ring!

And this showcase, which features prizes that have absolutely no common bond, can be yours if the price is right!

I know that Range Grovers are really expensive, so I'll bid $35,000.

Time for the second showcase. Boy, if that first one was really great, imagine how great this one'll be!

Your showcase begins with this lovely cruise!

After you've been relaxed from the cruise, you'll be ready to use your new dishwasher!

And then we'll send you on a trip to New York!

Your showcase, which was hastily written five minutes before we went to rehearsal, can be yours if the price is right!

Well... that's not worth very much. I'll just bid $3,475.

Aw... it's a Double Overbid!

But since it is forbidden for every player to lose at a computer game, you get to try again!

Okay, fine. We'll decrease our bids by very small increments.

(By the way, hope you remember your showcase, because they don't show it to you again.)

Now you're both the same distance away! Only one of you wins!

Yes, if there's a tie, only the first player wins.

And in case you think it was only because both players had the same name, here's another screen grab for proof.

Note that showcase number two was only worth $1,235.

In the Commodore 64 version, everything is the same, except it'll let both players win in case of a tie.

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