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Secret X

Yes, it's everybody's favorite small prize game! It doesn't necessarily use small prizes, but otherwise, it has all the charm of the real Secret "X".

As usual, I get a free X.

To win another X, I must tell them the price of this riding lawnmower.

It was $1,275, so I get another X. Let's put it where every other contestant does.

Next is this dartboard. It comes with the incredibly reasonable choice of $14 or $15.

And, as frequently happens in Secret "X", the less-sensible price was correct. I'll keep placing my X's like every other contestant does.

Just like the real Secret "X"!

You know, I really hate that whole secret X thing. This time, I'm going to put my second X in the lower left-hand corner.

And I'm going to place my third X right here.

I win!

It works in the Commodore 64 version, too.

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