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Safe Cracker

Granted, on the real show, Safe Crackers is usually really easy to win. So let's give the home player one-in-twenty-seven odds!

(At least the prizes always have three digits.)

Here's the problem -- each dial on the safe has three different digits to choose from! The first digit in the price of the VCR is 2...


Or 4.

The second digit is 1, 9, or 5.

And the third digit is 1, 0, or 9. Yeah, there's a good chance of winning the game this way.

Fortunately, I have a list of all the prices in the game, so I know it's $290.

This is kind of neat. Ignoring the fact that the door simply disappeared, it looks like the safe has opened to tell me I won.

This is weird, but I got the same prize in a later playing. And here's what happens if you guess the wrong price.

For this electric guitar, the first digit is 9, 2, or 7. The second digit is 1, 8, or 5. The third digit is 0, 5, or 8.

How about $285?

Huh, this isn't nearly as impressive.

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