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Pull the Lever

I'll let the pictures do the talking here.

Pull the Lever? What, am I playing Magic #?

Oh! It's Race Game!

Lots of instructions.

The prizes I'm playing for: A stereo, a dartboard, an AM desk radio, and a set of 5.25" floppies. They're busting the budget!

Here I am with my little briefcase. Uh-oh, time's almost up.

What? That's it? Man, that was sudden. They don't even show you the correct prices.

You're allowed to pull the lever as many times as you want, whenever you want. You know, I think I'm pretty close to winning here.

(How many pictures for stereos do they have in this game?)

Here's the win screen, as exciting as the lose screen.

Here's the second page of the rules screen in the Commodore 64 version. I point it out only because I get really frustrated trying to read that blocky font.

Here's my sunburned guy playing Race Game, this time wearing a baseball cap. His briefcase doubles as a "censored" box.

I can wander right into the price zone in this version.

Maybe my guy is part lobster or something.

Two right, two wrong. I know what I have to change!

I've made the changes! Now to get back to the lever...

Time ran out! And because I didn't pull the lever before time ran out, even though I put all the prices in the correct places, I lose!

Here was another playing of Pull the Lever. You can't tell in one screen grab, but this is how the prices started out at the beginning of the game. They're all correct already! All I had to do to win was Pull the Lever!

This is brilliant.

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