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Path Finder

Some of the problems with this version of Pathfinder:

You only get two "second chance" prizes instead of three.

You'll frequently have to choose between duplicates of the same number. Large hint: the duplicates are usually never correct.

On the PC version, the correct numbers in the price of the prize are not also used as dummies, making it really easy.

Lots of screen grabs to get through here; let's go.

Is the first number in the price of the trip to New York the 1 on your right, the 2 behind you, the 2 on your left, or the 2 in front of you?

Whaddaya know! It's the 1!

The next number isn't 4, so it turned red. But I got the price of this necklace right, so I get another chance.

Um... is the next number 4?

No, it still isn't, stupid. Good thing I got this price right, because otherwise the game would've ended.

There's the right price. Remember it.

Because here it is again in another playing!

The 3 isn't the last digit. So in order to get another chance to win the trip to New York, tell us... what is the price of this trip to New York?

I got that right. Then I panicked and stepped back onto the 5. They ruled me wrong, so now, in order to stay in the game...

What is the price of this NEW TRUCK!?

Enough of that. Maybe the Commodore 64 version will be better. Is the first digit 2, 6, 9, or 9?

I got the 2 right, and then correctly guessed that the second digit is 0. Now, is the third digit the 0 on your left or the 0 on your right?

Um... the 0?

Well, the game says I'm right. Okay, is the last digit 7?

No, it's not. In order to get another chance, I have to win this Hawaiian cruise, which costs more than the prize I'm playing for.

Got that right. Well, the last digit has to be 9, right?

No? But...

I earned another chance by winning this $4,500 dinette set.

So if it's not 7 and it's not 9, then what in the world is the last digit?

Oh, it's the 0 again. I win!

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