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Mountain Climber

More popularly known as "Cliff Hangers" or "that game with the funny yodelin' guy." However, there's nothing funny here. Since the game chooses prizes at random, the pricing scale on the mountain has been raised to $300. So if you're lucky, the game will choose prizes that are all below $300, and you'll have a decent chance of winning. But if they start throwing dinettes at you... good-bye, my friend.

For some bizarre reason, after you guess every price, a goat starts running toward your mountain climber. It smacks the guy in the butt, which causes the climber to slide uphill to his new point on the number line. Even if you got the price exactly right.

Let's start with the Commodore 64 version. There's my mountain climber, an anorexic, sunburned, naked man. He reminds me of Snoopy's cousin Spike, except red.

As you can see, the game tells you how far off you were before the climber ascends the mountain. Here comes the goat...

Now I'm on the 200 mark, looking at a dishwasher. Ooh, I've seen this on the show before! It's $346!

I'm exactly right, which means I stay on 200. But here comes the goat anyway, to run uphill, bump into me, and disappear.

So I'm still on 200. Let's try $326 for the price of the patio furniture.

Oh no! The goat shoves me, and over the edge I go.


A human corpse! At least TPiR has the decency to hide the climber behind some rocks. And not outright tell you that he's dead.

Here's the PC version, with a bright green mountain. It does look more natural than the purple one.

Okay, let's make things really thrilling. I'm on 0 right now. Let's move my climber all the way to the peak on the sunglasses, then impressively get the last two prizes exactly right!

Yep, I was $299 off... what? Where am I going?!

Look at that. In this version, the mountain actually physically travels to the left, leaving the number line behind. So even though I haven't exceeded my $300 range, I've already lost.

He's a bloody, mangled mess! This is gruesome!

Here we are in the middle of a different episode. We're bidding on a truck? How in the world am I going to guess this within under $50?

What?... The entry field only accepts four digits! Well, now I'm officially screwed.

You lose, and there's nothing you could have done about it!

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