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Hit Me

Despite the fact that they have grocery items programmed into the game, Hit Me is played with "regular" prizes. The rules are the same as the game otherwise -- prices are multiplied by numbers between 1 and 10, with cards corresponding to the multiplier. In the PC game, it's not too bad, because they always make sure to include an ace and a ten for a quick blackjack. However, in the Commodore 64 game, the cards can be anything. You'd better try to get as high of a hand as you can, because in this game, a push means you lose.

Among the items in today's playing of Hit Me -- a deluxe ping-pong table and a complete set of patio furniture! I wonder how they were able to fit them on the little stands.

And here are the prices.

Here we are after I picked the tennis rackets, the radio-controlled car, the patio furniture, the ping-pong table, and the TV. Hey, I found the ace! However, in this game, as soon as you get the ace, you have to decide whether it'll be worth 1 or 11 -- it can't change values in the middle of the game. Hmm, I wonder what I should make the ace be worth right now.

After a good, long think, I decided the ace should be worth 1. And I win!

Here we are in the Commodore Hit Me. Apparently the dealer is very secretive about what his up card is.

Ooh, lots of prices ending in zero. This could be tough. Let's try the electric guitar.

Hey, found the ten! I wonder what's under the computer...

It's... another ten. Okay, that makes sense.

Here, let's hope that lawnmower really is $334.

Whew! You know, I think I'll call that ace 1.

Fact: The stereo and the motorcycle were both fives.

Why are there two each of the ten of hearts and jack of hearts?

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