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Grocery Game

Here it is, the only pricing game in the computer game to use grocery products, despite the inclusion of Hole in One and Hit Me. The total you're aiming for is between $6.25 and $7.00. However, this is impossibly hard to do in this game because you have absolutely no idea what your running total is. You see, they show you the five groceries, then just let you press the space bar over an item however many times you want to purchase it. You can bounce around from item to item -- even go back to a previous item if you wish, because the game will not tell you the price of any grocery until you've finished all of your purchasing. You press the enter key when you hope your total is within the desired range. Alternatively, the game automatically ends when you go over. This is just bad.

Here are the groceries in today's playing. A generic container of milk, a box of dog biscuits (Barker wouldn't allow these due to the meat additives)...

...a box of microwave popcorn (how many bags are inside?), a can of car wax...

...and some pens.

Here I go, blindly choosing groceries. I'd like two of the popcorn. What's my running total? They're not telling me!

I bought two popcorns, one box of pens, and one milk. And through the miracle of having a list of all of the prices in the computer game sitting in front of me, I win!

Here I win again by choosing 14 of the "Box of Cough Drops from Ruden," which for some reason say "Stop a Cough" on the package (I like the smiley face, though).

The reason it says "YOU WIN!" in all caps is because it really is an amazing feat when you do so.

Here's the Commodore 64 version. One car wax and one dog food.

Here are two of the groceries from another playing.

"I'll start with one brush."

"Each brush sells for... $9.95, for a total of... $9.95. I'm sorry, you've gone over."

Who designed this?!

Now this is how you pull in that college demographic!

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