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Although the computer game was created after the "or two" rule was added, you only get one chance at the hole. A decent recreation, though who knows how exactly the "power" bar corresponds to the strength of the putt.

The game presents the six items to you in random order, you highlight them in the order you want them, then the game rearranges them in the order you asked for and tells you the prices, as can be seen here.

Here's the green. Forget logic, I'm going to crank the power and smack that ball!

The ball bounced off the back wall and rolled under the hole, which means I lost.

Say, am I playing for any real prizes in this game?

Oh, I guess I am. I've got a hunch that the truck should be last.


Here's the green in the Commodore 64 version. Um, why are there seven lines?

Despite the power with which I hit the ball, it just lazily bounced off the back and rolled to the left.

Here's another playing. The items I'll be playing with are a programmable microwave, a necklace...

...a portable stereo, a programmable and portable CD player...

...a programmable VCR, and what I must assume is a set of programmable patio furniture.

D'oh, just like the real show. I only guessed one prices correctly.

I guess the seventh line is just there for show.

Once again, my ball landed in the same spot. At least I'm consistent.

(That's where it always goes if you putt too hard in this version of the game.)

Just to show that it is possible, here's a putt I sank from the closest line. The ball goes into the hole and falls to the bottom of the screen (you can see it sitting near the word "continue").

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