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Dice Game

If you're not going to get Dice Game even remotely right, then don't include it in your computer game. This one has two big problems.

Big problem number one: The computer just chooses a prize at random. And the vast majority of the time, that prize is not going to have four digits in its price. So when the first die is rolled, you'd better automatically say "lower," because the first digit is 0.

Big problem number two: Prices can contain numbers between 0 and 9. So the odds say you should go higher on fours and below.

You're playing Dice Game for this new desk!

Since I know the desk doesn't cost more than $1,000, the first digit is lower than 2.

What kind of weird die is this?

Since the numbers could be anything, the odds tell me to go higher than 4.

Just like the real Dice Game.

Here's the much worse-looking Commodore 64 Dice Game. At least the 2 on the die is correct.


Here's what it looks like when you roll the number exactly right in the PC version. At least it resembles the show.

And the same situation on the Commodore 64. Man, those graphics are lame.

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