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Credit Card

Same rules, but the pricing game still has some flaws in it...

It's a wonderful array of prizes!

Okay, it's one wonderful prize and four lame prizes.

My credit limit is $200. Let's start with the camera.

Good. Now how much is that electric guitar?

Ooh. I only have $66 left to spend. Wool ties can't cost too much, right?

I win!

Wait a minute...

The basketball set cost less than both the electric guitar and the ties. And the dinette was $4,392 higher than my initial credit limit. I would've had to have been an idiot to lose this!

Here, this plays more like a normal game of Credit Card. Credit limit of $800...

And only one way to win.

Okay, the cruise costs way more than anything else, but it could've been worse.

For example...

You're playing Credit Card for a new truck!

It's entirely unrealistic, but admit it... it would be cool if they did that sometime.

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