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Card Game

This is an experience. First of all, of course, chances are that you won't be playing this for a car. Most likely something below $2,000. Second, the card that determines how close you must come within the ARP is drawn at random from a "normal" deck of cards and multiplied by 100, so the range can fall anywhere between $100 and $1,000. Third, if you go over, but are still within the range, you win.

$200? Dang, I might as well go sit down and sign the paperwork for the IUFB I won right now.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you: Aces aren't wild. So instead of hoping to make up my own guess as to what this dinette costs, I have to keep drawing.

Well, $2,700 wasn't high enough. So I drew again, went over, and the game immediately ended. Lame.

Hallelujah, a $1,000 range. Of course, now I'm playing for a lousy leather sofa. I'll stop at $1,400, please.

And the actual retail price is... $1,236, for a difference of... $164! You win, even though you went over! Congratulations!

In this rare occurance, I was playing for a motorcycle worth $8,500, so I actually got to draw several cards.

Hey, this deck is rigged! It's got five kings in it!

(Notice there were two kings of spades in the third picture.)

The reason the majority of the screen grabs for this pricing game come from the Commodore version is that the PC version kept sticking me with really cheap prizes. I'm playing for a pair of sunglasses? Forget this, I'm not drawing any cards.

Which means I win!

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