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As I flew home for Christmas last year, I had a significant layover at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. It's hard to make out the reason for this picture (you might want to click on it to get the larger version), but I'll explain. On the right, there's a Starbucks. No surprise to see that at an airport. But if you look down the concourse, just to the left of center, you can make out the sign for another Starbucks! Two Starbucks within shouting distance of one another. That might be considered overkill.
Also at the airport, I found a vending machine... that dispenses iPods, digital cameras, and other high-end electronics. It's the sign of a great civilization when you can impulse purchase an iPod from a vending machine at the airport.
In Texas, they don't have restrooms. They have toilets.
Moving on to other pictures, here's one that I took on February 25, eleven days after Valentine's Day. I think the supermarket was just a little desperate to unload their surplus of candy conversation hearts by this point.

(Yes, I bought a box. How often do you get to buy something for eight cents?)
Here, I present to you what it's like to drive in Los Angeles. Note that I'm on the freeway and my speedometer is at zero. It turns out that this traffic jam was caused by an accident on the other side of the freeway -- it didn't even physically affect any of the lanes of the side I was on.
Here's a billboard that I pass on my way to work. Is it me, or does this advertisement imply that they're offering something other than cellular phone service?
I'm amused by this envelope I got from the DMV for my registration renewal. It's the only bill I've ever gotten that encourages me to pay by mail.
Look! I got a fortune cookie fortune that doesn't make sense when you add "in bed" to the end of it!
Moving on to where I work, here's a shot outside of the "American Idol" studio. They're not fooling around with that Coca-Cola sponsorship.
Here I am being offended by the name of the mini-shuffleboard arcade game we were offering as one of the prizes on the show.
Oh... it's okay!
Here's part of the back of the Cliff Hangers board. As you can see, model Brandi has written a little message in the bottom half of this picture. There's no need for her husband to know.
And here's a stack of concrete parking space markers that were moved to make room for trailers. As an example, my parking space is labeled "S. ROBINSON". Apparently the people in charge of maintaining the parking lot had a little free time.

Oh, but there's more -- I have a whole bunch of pictures from my trips up to and around San Francisco! You've already wasted a couple minutes of your life by looking at this page; what's a couple more? Click here.