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We'll kick this batch off with a couple more "Game Show Marathon" photos, as these were at the beginning of the new roll of film (yes, it took me over a year and a half to get the next roll finished and developed). Here I am holding an iconic long, skinny microphone in front of the "Match Game" set. At least, that's the explanation I'm giving to avoid raising suspicions about the time machine I built.
Since Betty White is the celebrity I most resemble, I sat in her seat and demonstrated my outstanding ability to hold up a card. I would've written an answer on it (most likely "BOOBS"), but then they would have kicked me out of the studio and barred me from entering again.
This picture was taken at the "Price is Right" season 34 wrap party/start of season 35 celebration. Model Shane Stirling asked to have her picture taken with me (note that she is holding a drink, which would explain her lack of good judgment), so naturally, I complied.

Maybe it was the lighting, but I'm not even going to link this picture to a larger version of it -- it turns out that when you stand next to a professional model, all of the imperfections in your face are made that much more noticeable. No wonder she wanted her picture next to me!

I'm still a little suspicious of it all being an elaborate practical joke, but apparently, I now work for "The Price is Right." Here's my desk, before I started to amass large piles of papers. It's much messier now.

No, I don't know exactly what that pendulum thing is to the left of me, despite its proximity to where I do my job. I've been told that it's been in the production office since the show's beginning, so it travels along to wherever the office moves, as sort of a good luck charm. Okay.

We normally only have one party per season, but when Bob Barker retires, you kind of have to give him a going-away celebration. Here I am admiring one of the beautiful ice sculptures made for the event.
Of course, when you take me to an party that has an open bar, well, things are bound to get a little out of control.
Hey! I finally got a digital camera! So now I can take pictures indiscriminately (which has been hard, given how prone I am to discriminating). I'm Drew's rehearsal contestant whenever he learns a new pricing game. My goal is to eventually play all 75 games on the show, which I believe would make me the only person in the world to do so. Here I am pretending to be distraught over losing Card Game (I often have to deliberately lose to let Drew practice different scenarios).
This was just plain lucky. Rich was sick on a rehearsal day, so he didn't come in. Usually, Jeff fills in when Rich is absent during rehearsal, but he was off running an errand. So for this one and only time, I got to be the announcer while the director rehearsed blocking. Announcing "The Price is Right" is a lot harder than it looks -- you take your cues from the director through the headphones. But while you're trying to concentrate on talking, you can still hear him yelling orders at the cameramen. And you can't fully tune him out, because he'll occasionally give an order to you, too, mid-sentence. So don't hate on the voice guys.
The taping for the Halloween show was a lot of fun. Phire dressed up as a mummy, Gwendolyn dressed up as some kind of sexy vampire, and Brandi dressed up as a bride. However, Brandi pretended not to hear me when I said hi to her in the hall that morning, so I decided to teach her a lesson.
The producers didn't approve of that decision.
Now that I don't have to worry about film costs, I can take pictures of whatever I find amusing. On my way to work, I drive by a movie theater that shows double features of older movies pretty much every night. This night, the double feature was the Larry Cohen crime drama "God Told Me To" and the Larry Cohen comedy "Bone," resulting in the marquee seen here.
AHHHHHHHH!!!!! Killer shrimp!!!
This is a picture of the inspection certificate in the elevator of a grocery store near where I live. Above the store's address, you can see the note that the certificate expires one year from the date of inspection. And near the bottom, you can see that the elevator was last inspected on November 15, 2004. This picture was taken on October 20, 2007. So if I happen to be killed by a faulty elevator at Ralphs supermarket, you'll know why.

We'll end your journey through my life with this picture. My camera came with a program that attempts to stitch together multiple smaller shots into one big shot, so I decided to try it out with this panorama of Universal City taken from up near the top of a nearby mountain (or hill -- I'm not a topographer). The seams are pretty obvious and the NBC Universal building is misshapen, but it still looks okay. Universal Studios is over on the right side of the picture. The area in which I live is somewhere a little above and to the left of the center -- I'm not sure exactly where due to the trees and fog.

This ends the third installment of my virtual slide show. You may all wake up now.