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Here's a picture taken at Game Show Congress IV, an annual get-together of game show fans where we all act incredibly geeky. Such good times. There was a weekend-long game-playing tournament, and with no help from me, my hastily thrown-together team of four made it to the finals, where we played a series of game shows rapid-fire. Here I am on the far right as the opposing team solves the "Classic Concentration" puzzle. I think I still hadn't gotten it at this point, which is embarrassing. But I did give some answers for my team in "Blockbusters." And I solved the winning puzzle in "Scrabble." However, our team of four random game show fans lost to the team of four former game show contestants. Go figure.

Answer (highlight to read): "My Old Kentucky Home" (that's a picture of Ken Jennings under the 11)

Okay, so I was a page when this was taken, but on this day, I was only working outside. When my shift was over, the audience hadn't reached full capacity yet, so I selflessly volunteered to sit in the crowd, which explains the name tag. Another game show fan was at the taping, too, and afterward, he took this picture of me with announcer Rich Fields. So don't go asking me for money -- I didn't win anything!
Here I am several months later, striking the exact same pose in my head page uniform, standing where I always stood during tapings of "The Price is Right." Yes, the jacket was two sizes too large for me. They didn't have any more in my size.

Isn't the back of the studio glamorous?

But hey, I'm doing all right for myself out here. Got me my own auto dealership: Scott Robinson Honda.
And this is the thrilling world of prize acquisition. My cubicle looks a lot like my apartment, only more condensed.
Here's the biggest perk of working at Television City. When "Game Show Marathon" taped, I got to have my picture taken all over the set of the re-created "Press Your Luck"!

This is my favorite picture, and I present it out of chronological order because it's funnier that way. This is now the desktop image on my computer at work.

Two days before "Press Your Luck" taped, when an acquaintance who was working on the show called me to tell me that the set was up, I ran across the street, through the pouring rain, to see it (which explains the hair). Here I am doing my best impersonation of a Whammy. For your sake, I elected to remain clothed.
And I pretended to be a game show host over at the host's lectern. I know the effect would be better if I was actually holding an index card, but there weren't any around. Feel free to Photoshop one in.
The next day, they placed the red strips over the neon surrounding the board and cranked up the lights. Gotta get a picture by that.

Based on shots of Peter Tomarken standing next to the board in the original "Press Your Luck," I'd say that this one wasn't as big (Peter's head only came up to about the middle of the word "LUCK"). But, come on! This is awesome!

Here's a picture of me on the set taken from the back of the studio. I'm kneeling behind the left desk, since they hadn't put the chairs up there yet. It's a nifty glimpse of the set still coming together, as they were testing the score and spin readouts and hadn't put the colored cloth over them yet.

$44,444 and 55 spins in the passed column. Oh boy...

And the next day, they taped the episode. What an experience. After the taping, everybody who had clearance descended on the set to have their pictures taken before it was struck and put in storage (it's in storage because we're all hoping the specials are picked up for another season). I was told that of all seven shows that were re-created, this was by far the one that prompted the most staff photos. We also all took turns stopping the board one time each -- I landed on a digital video recorder worth $699. Hey, I can say I avoided the Whammy.

The spins and Whammies displayed were just there for photo purposes -- we were simply filing up for pictures and to each hit a button. There wasn't a real game going on. Though if the crew hadn't needed to immediately strike the set in order to start setting up "Card Sharks," I can only dream about the tournament that might have taken place...

The lights went down, the electronics were turned off, and we were trying to think of anything else to do on the set in order to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So I went back up and showed everybody that three Whammies couldn't intimidate me!

You know, there aren't enough photos in which you can clearly see my uvula.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Such fun.