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Here's me standing outside the door of my apartment. As you can see from the distance between the door and the edge of the building, it's a very large apartment. To be fair, the apartment pretty much is the entire length from the door to the wall -- you don't have to account for insulation or anything. When the sun is shining directly on the wall, you can put your hand on the interior side of the wall and nearly burn yourself. No kidding.
And here I am inside the apartment, after we got all of the furniture moved into logical positions. Note the prominent position of the BattleBots toys. Those boxes are still there, a year later.
I wasted no time harassing celebrities once I got to California. Here I am getting my "Poodle Hat" CD signed by "Weird Al" Yankovic (that really is him behind the hair).

Actually, I was very proud that I didn't say anything stupid to Al while I got my CD signed. And if you know me, that's a great accomplishment indeed.

I like how my hair is a different color in every single one of these pictures.

Anyway, here I am doing my job at the most recent Steel Conflict/BotBash robotic combat event. It was my duty to hand out the frequency clips, guarding them with my life and not letting any builder have one unless it was their turn. In exchange for me providing this service for free, I got to wander through the pits. That was so cool.

Speaking of pits, here I am inside the Steel Conflict arena, stranded in the pit that trapped robots during fights. Oh no! I only have 15 seconds to escape! Will I be able to do it?
And here I am being a fanboy, getting my picture taken with awesome robot The Judge. The guy standing behind me is the guy who built The Judge. I guess he's important, too.
This sign always makes me laugh. The phrase "Circus Liquor" both baffles and amuses me. And the scary clown holding the logo only adds to the effect. And look at how huge the sign is in comparison to its surroundings! Makes me proud to live here.

There. See all the things I've done in the year I've been in L.A.? I've gotten an autograph and went to an event. Aren't you so jealous.

Bonus pictures that somebody else took of me backstage at "The Price is Right":

Me posing with one of the art cards used to inform contestants not appearing on stage of what they've won

Me modeling one of the props from the Golden Road pricing game

Me standing in front of the Plinko board, just because I was there

Me in the ticket office, posing with TPiR ticket requests

Now go away.