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Robert Woodhead
Agsma, Angry Asp, BodySlam, Brutality, Conniption, CycloneBot, Dolor II, Doom on You!, Enoch, Hexy Jr., High Impact, Icewave, Joe 2.0, Last Rites, The Mortician, Nasty Attitude, New Attitude, Piranha 2, Sabretooth 6.0, Scoopula, Sewer Snake (with forks), Shovelhead, Shovelhead (with Lexan), SJ, Speed Bump XL, Star Hawk 3.0, Stewie, Super Megabyte, Total Anarchy 2.5, Totally Offensive, Vicious Circle, West Side Glory, Wipe Out #2, Ziggy

Dan Sokol
Bullet, Buster, Compressor, Eugene, Jawbreaker, Karcas 2 (with jaws), Karcas 2 (with plow), Megabyte, Sewer Snake (with plow), Spatula, Splinterator (plain wood), Super Sparky, Target Practice

Brian Benson
Big Betty, Devil's Plunger, Disc Obsession, Herr GepoŁnden, Killabyte, Lil Shocker, Pump, Toxic, Wildboar

Aaron Taggart
BioHazard, Splinterator (cake)

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