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Reviews of BattleBots Toys

In case you hadn't figured it out yet, I'm kind of addicted to robotic combat. And with BattleBots releasing that huge line of toys, you'd think I would have snapped up every one the second it came out of the factory doors (in China). But I'm also a gigantic cheapskate. So if I'm going to spend money to show my loyalty, I want to get something in return. And I've been leery about what several of the toy lines really have to offer.

Of course, if a retailer is willing to put its BattleBots toys on a dramatic clearance discount, I'll change my tune. So, however belatedly, I have come into ownership of quite a bit of robot-themed merchandise. And I thought that I'd do some write-ups letting you know what to expect if you plan to purchase some of the toys. Even though most of them are no longer available. Still, like they say, caveat emptor. Or e pluribus unum. Or hakuna matata, whatever.

So if you're interested in toys based on life-threatening machines, feel free to read the following. After all, that's why they're here. It's not like I wrote them just because I like to hear myself type. Okay, I do, but... oh, just read them.

Deluxe Metal Mechanics (Deadblow and Minion pack)

Pro Series RC (BioHazard and Diesector)

Custom Series RC (Blendo, DooAll, Dr. Inferno Jr., Son of Whyachi, & Vlad the Impaler)

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