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Ahh, memories. Here are all of the past "BattleBots" summaries from this site. They're still in the "highlight to find out which robots were in the episodes" format because... well, because I'm lazy, so I just copied and pasted the HTML. Maybe someone will still find it useful. Have fun, and don't read too many in a row -- it can't be healthy for you.

Season two, episode one -- written in the downtime between seasons four and five when I discovered I still had this on tape

The season three summaries
Episode one -- Nightmare vs. Slam Job -- Shish-ka-Bot vs. Trilobot -- Minion vs. Ogre -- Double Agent vs. Turbo -- Toro vs. World Peace
Episode two -- Hammertime vs. Vladiator -- Toe Crusher vs. Dr. Inferno Jr. -- Gammatron vs. Little Sister -- Subject to Change without Reason vs. Complete Control -- Bad Attitude vs. T-Wrex -- Hexadecimator vs. Fork-N-Stein
Episode three -- Ziggo vs. Wacker -- Vlad the Impaler vs. MechaVore -- Techno Destructo vs. Cuad the Crusher -- BattleRat vs. Crash Test Dummy -- Little Sister vs. BioHazard -- Little Drummer Boy vs. Blade Runner
Episode four -- Rim Tin Tin vs. HammerHead -- Nightmare vs. Son of Whyachi -- Omega-13 vs. KillerHurtz -- ChinKilla vs. six other robots -- Sallad vs. Carnage Raptor -- Ankle Biter vs. F5 -- Blood Moon vs. Shaft
Episode five -- Rammstein vs. The Judge -- Deadblow vs. Twin Paradox -- Greenspan vs. I-Beam -- Sisyphus vs. Death by Monkeys -- Tazbot vs. Golddigger -- Overkill vs. M.O.E. -- Voltronic vs. Bacchus
Episode six -- Blood Moon vs. Mouser Super Mecha-Catbot -- Hazard vs. Zion -- SABotage vs. Double Agent -- T-Minus vs. Sunshine Lollibot -- Dawn of Destruction vs. Diesector -- Wedge of Doom vs. The Wacky Compass
Episode seven -- Ziggo vs. Shrike -- Tazbot vs. BioHazard -- Toro vs. Phere -- Rammstein vs. Diesector -- Techno Destructo vs. Vladiator -- ChinKilla vs. three other robots
Episode eight -- Hexadecimator vs. KillerHurtz -- Minion vs. Electric Lunch -- MechaVore vs. Son of Whyachi -- heavyweight semifinal #1 -- Overkill vs. BioHazard -- heavyweight final
Episode nine -- Herr GepoŁnden vs. Dr. Inferno Jr. -- T-Minus vs. T-Wrex -- Gamma Raptor vs. Mouser Super Mecha-Catbot -- Vladiator vs. Diesector -- Minion vs. Toro -- super heavyweight final
Episode ten -- T-Wrex vs. Hazard -- SABotage vs. Little Drummer Boy -- middleweight final -- Sallad vs. Dr. Inferno Jr. -- Gamma Raptor vs. Wedge of Doom -- lightweight final

The season four summaries ("episodes" listed as combination of two consecutive half-hours)
Episode one -- Deathstar vs. Phrizbee -- Ravager vs. T-Minus -- Fantom Thrust vs. The Probe -- Scrap Daddy's Surplus vs. Wedge of Doom -- TriMangle vs. Vladiator -- Shark Byte vs. KillerB -- Ziggo vs. SnowFlake
Episode two -- Ziggo vs. Serial Box Killer -- Eradicator vs. Swirlee -- Maximus vs. Pharmapac -- Toe Crusher vs. Low Blow -- Malvolio vs. Bad Attitude -- Bender vs. Little Sister -- Tentoumushi 7.0 vs. Wedge of Doom
Episode three -- Surgeon General vs. FrostBite -- Hazard vs. Timmy -- Short Order Chef vs. T-Minus -- Slap 'Em Silly vs. Mouser Classic Mecha-Catbot -- El Diablo Grande vs. Slam Job -- M.O.E. vs. PyRAMidroid -- El Diablo vs. Turtle RoadKill
Episode four -- Son of Whyachi vs. Swirlee -- Towering Inferno vs. MechaVore -- Afterthought vs. Slap 'Em Silly -- Carnage Raptor vs. Whirligig -- Atomic Wedgie vs. Ogre -- Phrizbee vs. HexaDecimator -- Omega-13 vs. The Matador
Episode five -- Heavy Metal Noise vs. T-Minus -- Ziggo vs. Wedge of Doom -- Toro vs. Maximus -- winner of LW quarterfinal vs. Death By Monkeys -- Minion vs. No Apologies -- Hammertime vs. The Judge -- winner of LW semifinal vs. The Big B
Episode six -- Toro vs. The Judge -- Ogre vs. Techno Destructo -- Junkyard Offspring vs. Nightmare -- Ronin vs. Diesector -- Odin II vs. New Cruelty -- winner of first fight of episode vs. Vladiator -- super heavyweight quarterfinal #2
Episode seven -- Little Blue Engine vs. Toro -- Stealth Terminator vs. Center Punch -- New Cruelty vs. Diesector -- super heavyweight final -- Agitator vs. Silverback -- Pack Raptors vs. SABotage
Episode eight -- Hazard vs. SABotage -- Huggy Bear vs. Double Agent -- Jabberwock vs. Mauler 51-50 -- Silverback vs. Tazbot -- Complete Control vs. Psychotron -- BattleRat vs. Nightmare -- Bad Attitude vs. winner of previous MW fight
Episode nine -- The Matador vs. M.O.E. -- Hazard vs. El Diablo -- OverKill vs. MechaVore -- BioHazard vs. Nightmare -- KillerHurtz vs. Little Sister -- Shark Byte vs. HexaDecimator -- frenZy vs. Slam Job -- winner of a previous HW fight vs. Surgeon General
Episode ten -- Hazard vs. Heavy Metal Noise -- Complete Control vs. Zion -- Surgeon General vs. HexaDecimator -- middlewight final -- winner of previous HW fight vs. OverKill -- BioHazard vs. Tazbot -- heavyweight final

The season five summaries
Episode one -- Warhead vs. Darkstar-2J -- Code:BLACK vs. Ziggo -- Steel Reign vs. Son of Whyachi -- Moebius vs. Ankle Biter
Episode two -- Backlash vs. Burning Metal -- Wee Willy Wedgy vs. Little Drummer Boy -- M.O.E. vs. Stealth Terminator -- Slap 'Em Silly vs. Rambite 2.0
Episode three -- Wireless Wonder vs. Wedge of Doom -- Twin Paradox vs. S.O.B. -- Codebreaker vs. Techno Destructo -- Nightmare vs. Warhead
Episode four -- Hazard vs. Misty the WonderBot -- Patriot vs. Sallad -- The Matador vs. frenZy -- The Judge vs. No Apologies
Episode five -- Wrath Jr. vs. Complete Control -- Phrizbee-Ultimate vs. Toro -- Vladiator vs. Pro-AM
Episode six -- Gammacide vs. Dreadnought -- Sublime vs. Death By Monkeys -- Final Destiny vs. GrayMatter
Episode seven -- Vlad the Impaler II vs. Spitfire -- T-Minus vs. TriDent -- Tazbot vs. Ringmaster
Episode eight -- IceBerg vs. Phrizbee-Ultimate -- Diesector vs. Final Destiny -- El Diablo vs. Ankle Biter
Episode nine -- Minion vs. Codebreaker -- Ankle Biter vs. The Master -- Hazard vs. Blade Runner
Episode ten -- Hexy Jr. vs. Sallad -- Atomic Wedgie vs. Maximus -- BioHazard vs. Greenspan
Episode eleven -- S.O.B. vs. T-Wrex -- T-Minus vs. Double Agent -- BattleRat vs. OverKill
Episode twelve -- Warhead vs. The Matador -- Diesector vs. Dreadnought -- Mauler 51-50 vs. MechaVore
Episode thirteen -- Dr. Inferno Jr. vs. Tentoumushi 8.0 -- No Apologies vs. Son of Whyachi -- Huggy Bear vs. Bad Attitude
Episode fourteen -- SABotage vs. Zion -- Slap 'Em Silly vs. Wedge of Doom
Episode fifteen -- Ankle Biter vs. Turtle -- T-Minus vs. Huggy Bear -- Hazard vs. Zion
Episode sixteen -- Turtle vs. S.O.B. -- Hazard vs. T-Minus -- middleweight final
Episode seventeen -- BioHazard vs. MechaVore -- Warhead vs. OverKill -- Aces and Eights vs. HexaDecimator -- winner of first fight vs. Voltronic
Episode eighteen -- Vladiator vs. Codebreaker -- Diesector vs. Hammertime -- Maximus vs. IceBerg
Episode nineteen -- Wedge of Doom vs. Code:BLACK -- Dr. Inferno Jr. vs. Gamma Raptor -- lightweight final
Episode twenty -- Vladiator vs. Maximus -- Diesector vs. New Cruelty -- super heavyweight final

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