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Okay, here are my picks for who's going to make it to the finals on this season of "Battlebots," and who will win (we're coming up on the semifinals right now). Keep in mind that I was wrong on several of my predictions for the most recent quarterfinals episode.

(Text in red has been added after championship matches are completed. If you don't want to know who really wins, don't read!)

No question here. It's going to be Backlash versus Ziggo in the finals. And as much as I don't want him to, Ziggo's going to take the championship.

I'll admit I didn't expect Ziggo to win the way it did (I expected pieces of Backlash to be strewn about the arena), but you can't deny I was right. Of course, this was the easiest battle to predict. And it's nearly impossible to predict how the fight will be won.

By the way, did anybody else notice that Ziggo was just as immobilized as Backlash at the end? Ziggo was caught on the corner of the arena, and couldn't drive anywhere. But they only counted down Backlash. Just thought I'd point that out to ya.

Well, my two favorites here (Deadblow and Complete Control) have already been eliminated, so I'm not sure how to call this one. Even the semifinals are going to be tough to call here. Um... I'm going to say Bad Attitude barely beats Spaz, just because those two-wheeled spinny bots don't make the best fighters. The El Diablo / The Master fight isn't any more predictable. Let's see... I'm going to say The Master takes that fight because that bot's been around for a while, so it knows what it's doing, and El Diablo did absolutely horrible in its last fight. So the final is going to be Bad Attitude versus The Master. The Master is another two-wheeled bot, and wedges beat two-wheelers, so Bad Attitude takes the title. You know what's even more frustrating than Ziggo winning? A stupid simple wedge winning.

Hey, I expected to be wrong here. It's not like I knew one of the bots was going to forfeit. And a big thanks to Comedy Central for telling us the results of two quarterfinal fights they were planning on airing. Sigh, at least the rumbles made up for it. Toro is still cool, and I now LOVE Deadblow for relentlessly going after Buddy Lee.

In the semis, Biohazard wins over Frenzy. Not a huge win, but a respectable one. If last year's final is repeated, Vlad the Impaler will beat Voltronic. (It looks like Voltronic might actually be able to right itself this time. No matter, Vlad's got an awesome driver. As long as Vlad keeps himself off the lifting arm, it's his.) In the Vlad versus Biohazard fight, Vlad's center of gravity is too low for Biohazard and Vlad the Impaler takes his third straight championship title.

Wow. All I can say is wow. Vlad just seemed invincible. I guess I thought his lifting spikes were closer to the ground than they turned out to be in relation to Biohazard. Wow. Well, I've got nothing against Biohazard. Can't say he didn't earn the win.

I'm still bummed Toro is out. It really could've had the title. Anyway, onto the semifinals. Revision Z looks a little too sloppily-controlled, so Atomic Wedgie manages a win by pushing it into some hazards. Diesector vs. War Machine: This is based more on hope than anything else, but I'm calling Diesector the winner of this fight. As we saw with Tazbot (same driver), this guy knows strategy, and if he can get those jaws around War Machine, Diesector will move on. In the finals... well, I don't really see how Diesector would be able to fight Atomic Wedgie (too big of a wedge for the jaws to do anything), so Atomic Wedgie is the winner in what amounts to be a dull and unfulfilling match. Gah, another wedge wins (okay, technically, it has weapons, but it never uses them!).

I could not be happier that I was wrong on this one. I didn't realize that Diesector could use his clamps as a lifting arm (or that he was big enough to get his jaws around Atomic Wedgie, for that matter). And given how Vlad keeps beating Tazbot, you've got to feel sorry for this guy. He has a great bot, he deserves the win, and I give him a standing ovation for placing War Machine on its side, RIGHT WHERE IT SHOULD BE!

Special note: Comedy Central, maybe you shouldn't keep saying Revision Z is going to move to the semi-finals if you're still planning on showing the fight that determines who moves to the semi-finals. It's just a tad anti-climactic that way. Sigh, I guess I should be thankful that if I don't watch the opening montage, they do a good job of not giving away any spoilers. Usually.