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  About the author   Perhaps you are wondering exactly who this jerk is that thinks he's so special, he can write ridiculously long essays on episodes of a robot fighting show. If you aren't, then you're going to be incredibly bored by this page.

My name is Scott ("Hi, Scott"), and I love to watch robots fight. But you knew that, seeing as the site has several pages dedicated to the show "Battlebots."

I've noticed that those who love to watch the sport, like sport fans from any type of competition, have their favorite robots (or types of robots) that they will blindly root on. And I am no exception. I tend to favor the lifting/flipping bots (Toro, BioHazard, Hexadecimator) in terms of general design. I also enjoy a good clamper (I love Complete Control, for example), and some of the hammer bots (namely, Deadblow and The Judge). My turn-offs include plain wedges and boxes, as I like my fighting robots with some sort of activated weapon. I'm also not too partial to the full-body spinners, mostly because they have a tendency to sit back and never make an offensive driving maneuver (opponent comes over, opponent gets blown up by spinning shell, game over).

I will freely admit that I know very little about engineering, science, mathematics, or anything else it takes to build a fighting robot. You will never see me build and enter a robot for competition -- not only because I don't have the thousands of dollars to spend on it, but because I haven't the foggiest about how to rig motors, wheels, wires, and whatever else it takes to put one of those things together. My interest lies in the realm of television production, which is why I'll often make comments about the way the show has been produced and make cryptic references to things like "ADR" and "that lousy news team thinking they're the only show that needs studio space." (Though this fact doesn't stop me from commenting on the robots, too.)

While I'm on the subject of television production, a note about when I refer to "Comedy Central." Chances are that I probably should be referring to whatever the name of the production company is that's actually producing the episodes. But since I don't know which company is responsible for the specific actions I describe, it's just easier to always say "Comedy Central." I don't have much faith in the actions Comedy Central performs. Does anyone?

And yes, I know the difference between "Battlebots" the TV show and Battlebots the robotic fighting competition. I distinguish between the two by putting quotation marks around the name of the TV show.

What are some of my other interests? Primarily TV things. "Mystery Science Theater 3000" is my favorite television show. And while I'm apparently supposed to be ashamed to admit it, I'm a huge game show fan, too. When I'm not watching TV, I'm sitting in front of the computer, dabbling in various activities (some crude work with creating images, some audio stuff, a lot of surfing the net). What an exciting life I lead!

So that's the author in a nutshell. Perhaps this insight into my mundane, unexciting life will help you to understand these summaries a little better. Or perhaps you just wanted to know that there was somebody out there who has less of a life than you and everybody you know. Either way, I hope it helped. Enjoy the show!

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